In case you missed it, this is Save Some Snow by After Romeo.


EXCLUSIVE!!! Welcome to Varsity Fanclub 5.0 — Devin Fox!!! Now the name “Varsity Blonds” would be more appropriate than ever — and we couldn’t be happier. For those of you unfamiliar with 15-year-old Devin, he’s a product of Arc Music Factory, the same group that discovered internet sensation Rebecca Black. Speaking of Arc Music Factory (who have already been sued by Rebecca — ), they seem really bitter about losing Devin. Arc Music Factory just posted a YouTube video called “Brand New AMF” in which they talk about their artists’ MV’s. We hear the words, “A lot of videos you hated…” and we see the word, “HATE” flashed on the screen, right before we see footage from one of Devin’s vids. We think that’s pretty unfair, considering the fact that Devin was one of AMF’s most popular artists, but the business is what it is (you can see the controversial AMF hatchet job YouTube offering here: ). At any rate, AMF’s loss is VFC’s gain. The new band has already attracted high powered talent management representatives, and the sky’s the limit for these charismatic heartthrobs. Oh, and there is one video we’re really looking forward to seeing; we remember “T.C.’s Initiation” and we can just imagine what T.C. and the other band members have cooked up for Devin. And on a personal note, I hope that these guys stop in New England during their summer tour. I’ve yet to photograph Devin, T.C., and Blake…and as for Jayk and Drew, it’s been way too long.

so this is the new member!

answer this quick question and people will vote on it! What should VFC change their name to?

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What do you think of VFC changing their name?

I saw this coming a while back so I already accepted that’s what they’re going to do. I just hope that they go back to the songs they used to sing when they still had Thomas rather than the songs they sing now. Either way, I’ll still support them. :)




My lyrics video to Where the Love at! :)

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Drew Ryan Scott - Out of Time


Varsity Fanclub - New Christmas Song - “Where The Love At”

Send me an ask if you want me to upload a download link to this song!

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how many followers

the whole vfc family x)


Varsity Fanclub In Destenee’s music video for her song “tomorrow”

What do you guys think was supposed to be VFC’s big announcement last week?

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still a work in progress btw x)

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